Hancock Town Planning has extensive experience of successfully securing planning permission for new dwellings within villages within the Green Belt.  This can involve demonstrating that the site falls within the definition of 'infill' development and falls within the physical confines of a village.  Our detailed knowledge of leading case law and relevant planning appeals helps present very robust arguments.

The Willows, Chadwick End, near Solihull

In the case of The Willows, there was no defined Built-Up Area Boundary for the village.  HTP successfully demonstrated that the site formed part of the built-up area of the village, despite being at the end of a lane containing significant lengths of undeveloped land.

Grove Road, Knowle

This site lay outside the defined Built-Up Area Boundary (BUAB) of Knowle, with the planning authority viewing the site as lying within a ribbon of isolated development outside the main village.  In successfully appealing against the Council's refusal, HTP referred to leading case law that held that a BUAB was not definitive and that a common sense 'on the ground' assessment was required.  By demonstrating the sustainability of the location and providing an indicative street-scene elevation showing how a new house would fit comfortably within the streetscape, the Planning Inspector was satisfied that the proposal was compatible with Green Belt planning policy.